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Charles I of Spain and Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire, called the Emperor or Caesar, reigned over all Spanish kingdoms and territory under the name of Charles I from 1516 to 1556. With him, the crowns of Castile (including the Kingdom of Navarre) and Aragón were united for the first time.

As Charles V, he was emperor of the Holy Roman Empire from 1520 to 1558 and his empire was so great that it was known as “the empire where the sun never sets”. The empire included territories in Europe (specially Italy and The Netherlands), several islands in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, cities in the North of Africa and vast extensions of land in America.

What we most like about him, apart from his fondness for islands ????, is that he undertook granting a solution to the problem of slavery among the Indians and this he did thoroughly as he reviewed the reasoning of the most renowned Spanish theologists and jurists who concluded unanimously that slavery should be condemn as illicit, illegitimate and that is should be banished as it then was for ever.

Spain and the New Laws of 1542

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